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Jenny Kyplain


Jenny will guide you to a pain free body in a gentle and efficient manner.

She completed a Manual Osteopathic Therapy Diploma program in August 2020.  A.T Still created osteopath medicine after studying various therapies including bone setting with Shawnee Native Americans. Doctor of Chiropractor was born from Osteopathic medicine. Unlike Chiropractic treatment, Manual Osteopathic Therapy is gentle and precise and uses a ‘Wholistic’ approach to healing the client. It is a very efficient and practical way to heal body ailments. The treatment is administered without oil, and often the client remains clothed. This therapy can include myofascial, cranial sacral and visceral manipulation to complete a treatment.  

Jenny offers a self-taught healing modality that can be described as an Energy Treatment. In this service, intuition is utilized and applied in the event a situation rises during other treatments or a client can request this service at the time of booking.  

Jenny’s clients are empowered to take control of their own health. Results from Jenny’s treatments are long lasting, reducing the number of repeat visits providing you with a pain free, aligned and highly functioning body with a greater sense of wellbeing. From a full body assessment identifying the core challenges, through treatment and future treatment planning, she helps alleviate pain and ailments.  

After receiving my very first treatment, there was ‘knowing’ that this is the work I wanted to do. There is a strong history of healing in my family as my great grandfather was a First Nation Medicine Man in Northern Saskatchewan.   I have been in training in a variety of modalities at approved and accredited programs through the Ministry of Education in each province for over 30 years. I am currently completing training in Manual Osteopathy.

Formal Training

2400 hour Massage Therapy and Hydrotherapy 2002
Native Studies Degree 2008
University of Saskatchewan Cranial Sacral training 2006
Upledger Institute Myofascial Training 2010
John Barnes and Cathy Ryan, and Manual Osteopathic College of CanadaManual Osteopathic Therapist Program 1600 hours, condensed program. 2019-2020

Jenny is multi-multi-faceted and has many interests. One of which is anti-racism education. Jenny grew up in the far north and advocates for those voiceless in the health care system, due to barriers such as lower income and education. A Native Studies degree led to many jobs such as Intake Consultants for the Human Rights Commission and Summer Student with First Nations and Metis Education Branch. Jenny loves researching World Indigenous ways of healing and International travel particularly to nerdy landmarks especially if it involves history or an Indigenous site of healing.

Other interests include researching and purchasing interesting gem stone pieces to add to a growing collection, the recent find is a large piece of Celestite, love it! A huge podcasts geek, some of my favourite podcasters are the Joe Rogan Experience and Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast. Bio hacking is a new passion of mine and when money and time permit, seeking new ways of self care. Love spending time with my two black cats, North and Bohdi.

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