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"I am speechless - can't remember the last time I felt my hips "level" like this!"

- Diane Adams

"Jenny has been awesome to work with to address chronic neck, back, and shoulder troubles. Her osteo practice has been essential for keeping the pain and tension down and the migraines at bay. She's also a lovely presence to be around and always a pleasure to talk with."

- Chad Hammond

"Yesterday evening after treatment, my lower back got to have the most satisfying cracks. I haven't had those cracks in  20 years. So neat."

- Siobhan Conway-Hicks

"I just started going here and I love it. I was able to sit down and have a conversation on what I wanted worked on and best treatment plan."

- Disa A

"Awesome awesome massage! - fixed all my specific points of tension & achiness. Very direct in her initial consult, which is refreshing ... no sugar coated fluff ... and really great suggestions for further healing & wellness (she makes me WANT to try yoga actually!)
I have been to many RMT's and she's great"

- Jo Kidd

"Very professional and friendly atmosphere"

- Adam's

"Love the quiet atmosphere and expertise"

- Fiftieth Aura

"Thank you SO much for your intuitive touch and transformative energy Jenny.. I feel safe in your presence and your skills are many. Thank you thank you thank you."

- Karlita Weinberger

"Jenny is amazing. Highly recommend. You won’t be disappointed"

- Amber Appl

"Jenny is both strong and gentle. Very professional but intuitive and sensitive. I would definitely recommend her to bring things back to centre and for your overall physical and mental well being."

- Cammie Morgan

"I have seen Jenny for massage often over the last 5-6 years. She is completely professional, thorough and gentle. I highly recommend her and refer friends and clients to her all the time."

- Trent Deerhorn

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